The ideal destination anyone can choose for their vacation is the 'Golden Triangle Tour'. The places included in this tour are Delhi- Agra-Jaipur. Though, one can explore even more places in Rajasthan other than just Jaipur city. India is the perfect mix of historical representation, and amazing cuisines as every state of India provides unique tastes in their cuisines.

Moreover, there are many local places to roam and experience the bargains and beauty of the street shops.

In Sightseeing Tour Packages, the tourists are given opportunities to customize the tour itinerary according to their budget-friendly and vacation duration. All the facilities and flexibility of the plan are given to the visitors, to make their tour convenient and efficient at the same time. Besides, the tour is planned considering all the safety measures and comfortable in traveling.

Top Best Tour Destination:-

1. The Hill Station- Mount Abu:- The only hill station of Rajasthan situated in the center of an enormous desert with drought-ridden plains. Tourists get to enjoy their vacation in the Aravali Mountain range surrounded by greenery and a lake.

2. The City of Lakes- Udaipur:- The ideal vacation trip for relaxing and taking a break from hectic modern life is Udaipur, which is quite known for its peaceful and calm lakeside palace. Tourists can enjoy the view of the palace from the lake with photogenic sunset on a boat ride. Moreover, visit the museum, gardens and temples, and royal residence for more knowledge of the City.

3. Home to Kings- Rajasthan:- Rajasthan is quite known for its royalty which comes from the place being ruled by many royal families with various cultures and traditions. One can include temples, adventure, and many more in their Rajasthan Sightseeing Tours for convenient traveling of the place.

4. The Holy Place- Ajmer:- Many visitors come from all over the world to visit this holy place for its temples and mosques. The place is living proof of the perfect amalgamation of two religions of Hindu and Muslim in one place.

5. The Spiritual Sight- Pushkar:- Tourists get to visit the only Brahma Temple present in the whole world in Pushkar. Thus, making the city a spiritual place with 52 Ghats and over 400 temples.

6. The Blue City- Jodhpur:- One can glance at the Mewar and Shekhawati regions of Rajasthan. Not just that, but the tourists get to view various architectural styles and come to one place with a perfect blend of the royal palaces of Jodhpur. Due to its beautiful view of blue houses, the city gives a romantic vibe making the city famous for shooting films. Moreover, Jodhpur is a great place to visit the lake, gardens, and desert for more exploration of the place.

7. The Golden City- Jaisalmer:- Desert lovers would enjoy Jaisalmer City as the place offers great adventure experiences from Camel Safari to Jeep Safari. Tourist gets to enjoy the adventure as well as know the historical tales of Havelis, fort, and temples.

8. The City of Forts- Bikaner:- History Buff people get to enjoy this place where the main attractions are its fort, where one can learn the stories behind every fort and architectural design. Moreover, enjoy the Camel Festival held annually for a delightful experience of the place.

9. Agra:- The place presents the most romantic story of history where Emperor Shah Jahan built the palace in sweet memory of his wife Mumtaz, making the Mahal the tourist attraction to include in Sightseeing Tours.

10. Delhi:- One of the places included in The Golden Triangle Tour, Delhi presents the historically created places, as well as the tourists, who get to experience the delicious cuisine and sightseeing at the local markets and streets for adventure. There are more places to add to one’s Sightseeing Attraction to Delhi experiences.

All these places are part of the Golden Triangle Tour, the main is Delhi- Agra- Jaipur. Though, these places are the main tourist attraction for the best experiences and utilization of one’s vacation period with calm and relaxing scenery and historical experiences of different cultures and traditions.